Security Foil

3D multi-directional protection against physical intrusion


Our tamper-proof security foil consists of a single or double sided printed circuit which uses different adhesive systems, so circuits tend to be broken when removal is attempted.

The circuit pattern is a dense sensor mesh whose function is to detect any effort to drill through the foil.

Finally the circuit is folded or embossed and wrapped around the part of the device to be protected in such a way that future attacks are prevented from all directions.

In some cases the circuit will have to be bonded onto the plastic material to offer an even better protection.

Components and bare chips are sometimes mounted on the security mesh using a low temperature conductive adhesive generally followed by UV encapsulation for better mechanical performance.


  • Typical security mesh pitch: 0.7mm
  • Minimum bending radius: 1mm
  • Circuit resistance can be tailored from: 0.015 Ohm per sq to 30 Ohm per sq
  • Tested for accelerated aging at: 75℃ under 85% RH for 196h


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Security Foil

3D multi-directional protection against physical intrusion

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