From traditional HMI solutions to advanced Printed Electronics.

Central Midori has proven to be a reliable Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution provider and is now committed through advanced Printed Electronics technologies to help its customers integrate more technology into less material and space.

What We Offer

Light Guides

Design to provide a uniform illumination with a minimum number of LEDs.

Force Sensor

Pressure sensitive ink formulation is customized to meet application requirements

Flexible Circuit

A technology with the potential to revolutionize electronics as we know it.

Security Foil

3D multi-directional protection against physical intrusion

Printed Battery

Enfucell SoftBattery(R) is a disposable, thin and flexible printed power source for devices in healthcare, sports and logistics


Development Center

Inspired by the lean startup methodology, we combine project management and agile engineering to provide conceptual design, high speed prototyping and functional testing capabilities to reduce customer development cycle.

Conceptual Design

Expertise to optimize your designs by using the full capability of our technologies

Rapid Prototyping

Dedicated resources to build proof of concept prototypes in a record time.

Functional Testing

Personalized testing and inspection services

Project Management

Our Project Management approach blends creativity, cross team collaboration and speed.




Central Midori is ideally located in Singapore to support the Asian biomedical industry with printed electronic in portable medical devices and biosensors.


Central Midori works closely with industry leaders to develop security foils that offer 3D multi-directional protection against physical intrusion.


Flexible electronics provide solutions for more secured communications, better portability on the battlefield and anti-tamper protection.


Membrane switches offer the reliability and dependability required by often harsh industrial environment when capacitive touch is not an option.

Consumer Electronic

Flexible electronics is becoming a powerful enabler in the technology race for smaller, thinner, lighter and more flexible mobile devices.