Inspired by the lean startup methodology, we combine project management and agile engineering to provide conceptual design, high speed prototyping and functional testing capabilities to reduce customer development cycle.

Conceptual Design

In the early stages of a new product development, many customers do not have the expertise to optimize their designs. And because minor changes to the design may have tremendous implications on product functionality, Central Midori engineers are here to help you make the right decisions in the initial phase. We offer design assistance, engineering support and cost/value analysis.

Central Midori also provide technical expertise in Printed Electronic to R&D engineers to enable and enhance performance in 3 strategic areas:

  • Flexibility/Elasticity: curvable, bendable, foldable, rollable, conformal, stretchable
  • Miniaturization/Portability: Integration of more technology into less material and space (thinner, lighter, smaller)
  • Security: anti tamper mesh circuitry

Rapid Prototyping

We employ the lean startup methodology to develop products by iterating on design followed by prototyping. We have established a Development Centre with dedicated resources to build proof-of-concept prototypes in record time. The majority of the manufacturing processes in the development centre is digital and hence do not require expensive lead-time tooling. Our personnel are among the most experienced and skilled engineers in the industry.

Functional Testing

Once prototypes are completed, we offer personalized testing and inspection services including but not limited to 3D measuring, dynamic testing, electrical and functional testing, temperature and humidity cycling…

Project Management

We believe that Product Development is about creativity, cross disciplinary teams, focus and speed. Our development team is dedicated to optimizing existing design for better manufacturability (DFM) and enhancing new product performance with minimum increase in costs. Above all our team helps customer win new projects.