Graphic Overlay

Color matching guarantee your brand recognition


The Graphic Overlay is the surface that your customers will see and touch first. It is an important element of your branding and the main interface between your equipment and its operator. It has to be cosmetically pleasing, technically sound and user friendly all at the same time.

Our Graphic Overlays are screen-printed on polyester and polycarbonate material. Typically we use polyester film between 150 and 200µm and polycarbonate between 125 and 500µm thick.

Our maximum printing size is 500 X 560mm.

Our superior color matching capabilities consistently guarantee your brand recognition. We also offer a wide variety of finishes and textures which will greatly contribute to the customer experience (e.g. soft-touch, brushed stainless steel, velvet, gloss, matte, anti-glare etc.).

For applications where cleanliness is critical, we use film with anti-microbial protection.

If necessary our graphic overlay can be designed to withstand outdoor environment (i.e. UV exposure at 240 joule/cm2 for 16 hours).



Light Guides

Design to provide a uniform illumination with a minimum number of LEDs.

Force Sensor

Pressure sensitive ink formulation is customized to meet application requirements

Flexible Circuit

A technology with the potential to revolutionize electronics as we know it.

Security Foil

3D multi-directional protection against physical intrusion

Printed Battery

Enfucell SoftBattery(R) is a disposable, thin and flexible printed power source for devices in healthcare, sports and logistics